Satiety boosting ingredient

A healthy microbiota for durable weight management

Overweight and obesity prevalence are a growing concern worldwide and despite many solutions have been proposed to date, few have proven efficient on the long term. While it is now established that increased physical activity and diet re-balancing can dramatically improve weight management in individuals, it is generally difficult for them to sustain what they consider as “efforts” to remain in a healthy weight range.

Managing satiety, through the microbiota modulation, is an innovative way to deal with long-term, healthy weight management.

In the last two decades, evidence about the role of microbiota in the metabolic engineering in general, and more particularly in weight regulation has accumulated, and it is now admitted that the gut microbiota plays a main role.

Key mechanisms linked to the role of microbial metabolites in influencing hormonal profile, inflammation and functioning of the reward centers in the hypothalamus have strengthened the certainty that gut microbiota modulation is probably the next revolution in weight management therapies.





Clinically-tested satiety-booster (*)

Lactose- and Dairy- free

Suitable for vegan & lactose-intolerant people


Extracted from legumes

Non GM

Very pure

> 95% GOS, even in powder form

Gently processed

(*) Potential consumer benefits have not been evaluated by EFSA nor FDA and are not to be considered as health claims. They should be considered as potential leads that might be developed into health claims complying with the local legal requirements


Mode of action


CravingZ’Gone® is very rich in galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), non-digestible soluble fibers well-known for their prebiotic activity. In contrast with insoluble fibers, commonly used in weight-loss food supplements, Olygose’s GOS do not “fill” the stomach but act on complex metabolic mechanisms by modulating intestinal flora: microbiota stimulates the synthesis of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), activating a signaling cascade allowing brain control of satiety. This mechanism involves a pool of hormones like ghrelin, leptin, and peptides such as PYY and GLP-1 - cf figure 1


Proofs of efficacy

Olygose completed 2 double-blind, vs placebo human studies to evaluate the impact of CravingZ’Gone® supplementation on appetite (2).

In each trial, 4 groups of 22 overweight adults were supplemented with different α-GOS doses or formulations, for 14 days, without following any hypocaloric diet. Appetite scores were then evaluated on a VAS scale during a test-meal. After 14 days:

  • Appetite was decreased
  • Daily caloric intake was also reduced

Results were statistically significant from 6g/day; with an optimum dose, evaluated for a 12g/day supplementation, the product also impacts weight and fat mass.

CravingZ'Gone, by improving satiety, directly promotes reduced food intake and also aid compliance with healthy eating and weight management strategies, by decreasing sensations of hunger


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Weight Management and satiety boosting

Recommended dosage: 6 to 12g/day

CravingZ’Gone ® is:

  • perfectly soluble in water
  • tasteless and slightly sweet
  • perfectly stable at acid pH as well as to heat treatment


This makes our ingredient very easy to formulate, in numerous forms: sticks, instant powder, ready-to-use beverages, nutrition bars, biscuits, etc.


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(1) Morel FB & al.α-Galacto-oligosaccharides Dose-dependently Reduce Appetite and Decrease Inflammation in Overweight Adults. J Nutr. 2015 Sep;145(9):2052-9


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