New safety data published on Olygose’s plant-based GOS

general news • 9/19/17 ago

September 2017: Olygose announced the release of two new publications confirming the safety of plant-based galacto-oligosaccharides evaluated during a 90-day sub-chronic toxicity test in rats (OECD guideline 408) and a repeated dose study in piglets.

The two manuscripts have been published in Toxicology Research and Application during summer and are available at

The 90-day sub-chronic toxicity trial, performed with CiToxLAB (France), aimed at providing information on health hazard likely to arise from exposure to plant-based GOS via oral administration and indicated that the no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) for Olygose plant-based GOS is greater than 2000 mg/kg/day.

The neonatal piglet trial, performed with Experimur (USA), demonstrated that plant-based GOS incorporated at a level of 8 g/L in a formula (the maximum dose of prebiotic substance added to infant formulas) was well tolerated and did not cause harmful effects. The neonatal piglet is the best translational model available to date to evaluate the safety of new substances aimed at being incorporated in infant formulas.

Olygose plant-based GOS are produced in France thanks to a proprietary technology resulting in very pure ingredients suitable for a number of applications in the field of foods, beverages and supplements. They are currently marketed in Europe and the US under different brand names, namely AlphaGOS® for prebiotic and symbiotic formulations, CravingZ’Gone® for satiety and weight management and P-GOS® for infant nutrition applications.

François Delbaere, CEO of Olygose: “We have reached an important milestone with the publication of this safety data set. The excellent safety profile observed will definitely support the expansion of our presence on the market and greatly facilitate the regulatory challenges that any company that is involved in specialized nutrition markets, such as infant nutrition, has to face”.

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